Friday, June 24, 2011

Word of an Invasion of Union Troops into the South

Abraham Lincoln was apprised today that the Union Army, under General Robert Patterson, was amassing in southern Pennsylvania and would soon invade Virginia. The President was very excited about the plan, and felt that under Patterson, an old Mexican War veteran, the troops were in capable hands.

The men had been training in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. They would soon begin their march south into Maryland and cross the Potomac River in the first week of July.

Winfield Scott had been friends with Patterson, as both were around 70 years of age. Scott felt that the old timers had earned the right to lead the troops. He too thought Patterson was the right man for the job.

W. H. Lamon

Friday, June 17, 2011

President Lincoln Visits with A Long Line of Visitors

Each and every day, lines of people waited at teh White House in long lines to see Mr. Lincoln. Most were seeking political appointments, since all the polital jobs from post master on up turned over with the election of Mr. Lincoln as the first Republican President.

I avised Mr. Lincoln to limit stranger's access to him. But he was all baout being the President of the people, and therefore, he talked to every single person until he ws too tired to continue.

I did felt it dangerous to just let every "Tom, Dick and Harry" into the president's office. I asked that a log of names be kept and that each person be frisked to see if they had weapons. But he disagreed with all those suggestions. And he was the boss.

W. H. Lamon

Friday, June 10, 2011

Recruiting in Williamsport, Maryland

This past week I have been stationed at what has become known as Camp Lamon, my recruiting post where I was attemtpting to raise a Union regiment of Virginians. My appointment as U. S. Federal Marshal of the District of Columbia had not been authorize as Congress had not yet convened.

Williamsport, Maryland, being located just across the Potomac River from Virginia, made it convenient to send messengers into Virginia looking for recruits. As the word got out, more and more crossed the river to enlist.

It was through my recruiting that some confusion became obvious. I received correspondence to Colonel Lamon, Major Lamon and even General Lamon. To make things perfectly clear, the Governor of Illinois had given me the honorary title of Colonel. I was never anything beyond that, no matter what anyone else tells you.

I was not sure how long I would be allowed to recruit or when I would be expected back in Washington City.

W.H. Lamon

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Death of Steven A. Douglas Shocks Most Everyone

Abraham Lincoln talked today of the death of his arch-rival, yet strong supporter, Steven A. Douglas.  He and Douglas had clashed in the Lincoln-Douglas debates in Illinois in 1858. Douglas had won the U.S. Senate appointment Mr. Lincoln had wanted. Yer when Mr. Lincoln was elected President,  Douglas was one of the few members of Congress who was unshaken in his support for Mr. Lincoln.

What many people did not know or conveniently forgot, Mary Lincoln had been courted by Douglas before she married Mr. Lincoln. And at the Inaugural Ball, it was Mr. Douglas who escorted Mary into the event.

Mary Lincoln had told me that she married Abraham because someday he was going to be President of the United States. Obviously, in her great forsight, she did not think Douglas would achieve that position.

We will all miss "The Little Giant".

W. H. Lamon